Be easy on your body by easing SLOWLY back into your regular routine. Just like before the
cleanse, ideally you should take the next three days to easy into solid food before you begin
to consume dairy products, meat, sugar, caffeine and coffee. 
Try small meals of mostly fruits and veggies the first day. On the second day include
smoothies and steamed vegetables and small amounts of whole grains like brown rice or
quinoa. On the third day add soups and steamed fish and other whole foods! After day three
ease back into other foods that are normally in your diet. 
You may find that your body craves juice. This is your body telling you that what you did was
good and to keep up those healthy habits! Remember that juice is not only for cleansing, it is
full of essential nutrition that keep our bodies healthy and functioning properly. Feel free to
drink juice as part of your pre and post cleanse as well as incorporating it into your regular