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"Back on that @mendjuicery and feeling great." Nick Rimando, goalkeeper for Real Salt Lake 

"Love Mend Juices!!! I am doing a 5 day cleanse and on my second to last day I am sad that it is ending. My energy is up, I feel amazing, my skin is clearer, and I definitely am more committed to eating healthy and being good to my body. Mend was so great to help answer any questions and are so wonderful to talk to! I would recommend a cleanse to anyone!" Meridith Thompson Oram

"So delicious! I tried my first juice on Wednesday night. I got the Apple Cranberry. LOVED IT! Can't wait to try more." Whit-Wes Berge

"Absolutely the best tasting Juices around!!!" Aubry Bolingbroke Burt

"Love this place! The juice is so fresh and so delicious!! Love the owners and everyone who works here. Everyone should check it out." Stacy Stringham

"Just finishing up bottle 2 of my last day of a 3 day juice fast, I have to say, can I do this for 10 more days. Its been great thanks mend Juicery." Reid Francom

"Love love love this juice! I CRAVE IT! Which is big for someone who tends to stay away from anything healthy!" Leslee Ahlander

"Love mend juicery, fresh and so YUMMY!!" Nicole Strong


"This past week I was supposed to be in San Francisco getting my 2nd round of chemo. But I was held back by my platelets. Platelets are the blood clotting cells in your blood. To start the second round of chemo, my platelets  need to be at 75, and a week out from transfusions. A transfusion is the only real way to make your platelets go up. My platelets were at 10, so I started changing my diet and eating healthy foods, that can help them go up. My grandma and I were watching tv one day and saw being advertised. We thought it was a great idea, and when we found out my platelets weren't going up, we decided to head down to Provo and get me some juice!! The people at  Mend are amazing. They have the best customer service skills, but anyway let's get back to the juice:) my favorite is the G6: Fully Loaded. It has Kale, Spinach, Carrots, Orange, Apple, and Pineapple. Don't be alarmed by its green color, it actually tastes very good. The juice has given me loads of energy, and has made my skin clear and silky soft. Today is when we will find out if it has also made my platelets go up. If any of you are looking for something that gives you clear skin or something to boost your energy, I think I may have found it!! Thank you Mend Juicery for your amazing product!!!" Kate Pearson

(WE LOVE JUICE) Made our way down to Mend Juicery today!! So fresh and delicious!!….They are awesome!
"@mendjuicery I love your juices!  They taste amazing!!! I am beyond thrilled you are in Utah County! Thanks for making such a great, healthy juice." Cindy Mason

"obsessed." @ninetiesjay

"…I decided to try something new tonight and so glad i did!  These juices were delicious!…" @kelseybank

"mmmmmm juice!  Love how convenient these are." @vivianmakeupartist

"Oh my word!  I’m officially addicted.  I can NEVER GO BACK to regular juicing…." @wattzz

"I’m addicted!" @cali_zta

"I encourage my Utah peeps to check out @mendjuicery you won’t be sorry." @lindyloop